Aesthetic surgery: a real therapeutic efficiency

The Plastic and Reconstructive Surgery allows to correct the abnormal (malformations), to palliate the troubles of functioning, to deal with the aftermath of accidents, cancers, or those related to various aggressions. The Aesthetic Surgery is defined as the voluntary transformation in order to modify the aesthetic look; it modifies the Natures’ differences in comparison with morphological and anatomical models, that can otherwise fluctuate with the times and cultures. The Aesthetic Surgery also allows to correct the localized fat excess (steatomery) the aftermath of pregnancy or even to repair and slow down the effects of aging on the face and body.

The Reconstructive Surgery is admitted, in France, as indispensable and it is partially covered by the medical insurance, although this reconstructive surgery has, always, at least partially, an aesthetic objectif, attempting to restore the normal and, as possible, harmonious shapes. The Aesthetic Surgery is considered as not necessary and does not meet the requirements to be covered by the medical insurance. However, denying its therapeutical effect would be a major error and a profound ignorance of your subject. In fact, if the indications are well given, if the patient is well informed, if the intervention is well performed and conducted artistically by an experienced surgeon, the service made to the patient is major; she feels a profound well-being which is the source of improvement in her physical and psychological health. The patient benefits this way of an improvement of her own image and her self-esteem; her social and personal relations, her performances can improve tremendously. This major therapeutic role of aesthetic surgery was otherwise the subject in the vibrant recall that Professor IVO PITANGUY made at the opening lecture of ISAPS Congress, September 2014 in Rio de Janeiro, during the World Congress of Aesthetic Surgery.

The Aesthetic Surgery has to be performed by certified and experienced Plastic Surgeons, searched by the patients amongst <the very best plastic surgeons> having benefited of training and fellowships to exercise this demanding profession. Our job is magnificent and wonderful. It requires a long, very demanding training, daily learning from the experts in Plastic Surgery, a lot of work, and a lot of expertise. But what a chance to work passionately every day, listening to our patients’ needs, bringing empathy and the best medical care, giving them the chance to become more beautiful, happier and in better harmony with themselves. This way the Aesthetic Surgery brings us a lot of gratitude, personal and artistic accomplishments. The Aesthetic Surgery is in fact an art from all points of view; from choosing the right indication for the patient followed by the rigorous and competent postoperative care, through an intervention performed in an impeccable way, with an aesthetic and artistic approach.

The websites that we developed to inform the patients have the goal to deliver precise and balanced information on the different Aesthetic Surgery procedures, the indications, and things to consider before the operation. This websites aim to prepare the Consultation of Aesthetic Surgery, making it more interesting and rich in information, favoring this way a real exchange between the patient and its surgeon. A satisfied person matches in fact a precise demand, well understood by the Aesthetic Surgeon, an operation flawlessly performed, in agreement with this profound demand, allowing to obtain the intake of a successful aesthetic surgery.