Experience at the heart of excellence policy of Lyonnais Plastic Surgery

President 2017 of the French Society of Plastic, Reconstructive and Aesthetic Surgery ( SOFCPRE) Dr. Emmanuel Delay is very involved in the scientific activity, and invigorates since 1993 the Regional Symposium on Plastic Surgery. Ever since he conducted an editorial policy that increased the level of excellence of the Lyonnais Plastic Surgery. The most recent goal in this area is to apply the policy based on the patient’s experience to incorporate feedbacks and reviews directly in the practice of Plastic and Aesthetic Surgery.

The Plastic and Aesthetic Surgery is a very delicate surgery that requires the best conditions of safety and support. The most recent trend is to enforce continuous improvement processes, allowing to provide the best possible care to the patient, in the best conditions of safety, while meeting our patients’ needs, process described under the general term of “patient’s experience”.

That means offering the best conditions of care, with operations at the highest level of expectancy, and meeting our patients’ needs and desires. New procedures appear each year to get closer to these needs; the training and the teaching are our priorities in order to guide our specialty towards the excellence of the care.with this purpose in mind we organize annually several congresses of high level.

Lyon is the perfect place to develop this pole of excellence, having a fast train (TGV) between Lille and Marseilles, and an international airport (Lyon-Saint-Exupéry) situated on the fourth place in France. This airport is in full development, with numerous connections to the European hubs at convenient hours. For the international patients, traveling from far away, the airport already offers direct flights to Dubai and Canada and pretty soon to China. For its excellence in Plastic and Aesthetic Surgery, Lyon has an important potential of development in the care of international patients. The role played by the international airport, ensuring the best possible service, is essential as well as the development of hotel businesses, shopping centres, and overall high level services. It is the combination of excellent care, high level teaching and congresses, where we add all of the factors mentioned above, that will allow to turn Lyon into a major player of the European Plastic and Aesthetic Surgery. The patient must be at the heart of our reflections. We must put ourselves in its shoes from the moment where he imagines his intervention (he can easily check the informative websites we created and where the scientific message is valid) to the last postoperative consultation. Every link in the chain of care must be impeccable, and every member of the care team offers the best of its services and a quality welcome.